What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means so many things to me. First it’s starts on the inside. Is your soul beautiful? Do you exhibit the kindness that only a beautiful soul can radiate? Thats what really matters.

Do you want to feel as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside? Most women do, this writer included. The only problem is there is so much to keep up with. Our skin, makeup, hair, fashion and jewelry. What do you first notice about another woman? I don’t know about you, but I notice her skin. Does it look healthy? Is it clean? Nobody wants dry, cracked, rough skin. With all the different factors how do we keep out skin in tip-top shape?

The body is so much easier than the face. My beauty routine starts with a warm bath and a bath soak. Then a generous helping of a good moisturizer. It’s enough to keep me touchable soft.

Let’ s face it though, it’s really our faces and the products we choose that make a difference. First, start with a a good cleansing and toner. Always use warm water to cleanse and open those pores. It makes it much easier to deep clean when your pores can release all the toxins and oils that have built up. After this, I like to use a charcoal activated mask. It really grabs the oils and gets them out! Where they belong. Other times, I exfoliate. This gets rid of the dead skin and gives your skin a fresher appearance.

Lastly, a quality moisturizer aimed at your skin type is detrimental! No beauty routine will be effective if you use the wrong type. It’s really important to know your skin type and purchase product designed for your type. I usually run a warm, damp wash clothes over my face again to reopen those pores. Warm water works too.

This routine keeps my skin in tip top shape and prevents most breakouts.

What routine do you use? Share your tips in the comments! I look forward to hearing new ideas!

Lashes with Wendy