Why does my face look Orange?

You think you have an awesome color or brand of foundation to find…..it only looks orange when you see your reflection in the good light. What a disappointment and frustration! However, before you get too far down in the dumps….don’t fret too much 😦 I have the answer. There are three reasons you foundation can look orange. And all of them fixable. Your foundation may contain too much oxide, maybe too warm of a shade for your complexion, or it’s too dark all together.

Check the ingredients on your brand. Brands that contain oxides can oxidize and turn a shade of orange. Oxides are often used to lighten the shade, so this can cause issues for fair skinned people. If it becomes orange as the day goes on, this maybe your issue.

The undertones of maybe too warm for your skin. If your complexion is pinkish, you maybe using a shade with warm undertones. Find a foundation shade that is cool or neutral. The shade name have a C or and N or be called Ivory or translucent. Also, match your color to the skin on your neck or face, do not use the back of your hand. Often times your neck matches your facial complexion better than your hand.

Lastly, be sure not to use a shade too dark or use too much bronzer. Both can give you an orange hue. It can be tricky especially if you have a fair complexion. Small differences in shade can really show up on fair skinned people.

It can be helpful to ask for help matching shades at the beauty counter. The associate can probably point you in the direction of a brand that caters to your complexion and specific needs.

One Reply to “Why does my face look Orange?”

  1. Yes yes yes this is too relatable! I didn’t even know that oxidisation was a thing but finding the right foundation has been such a struggle for me- I usually try and match myself but I finally admitted defeat after years of an orange face and got matched by a professional (I also blogged about the foundation finding struggles here if you’re interested https://halfgirlhalfteacup.com/2017/03/13/foundation/ ) Great post xo


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