10 Beauty Mistakes

Let’s get out feet wet and discuss fashion trends that simply do not cut it.

  1. Eyebrows – Eyebrows should look natural, not drawn on. They should not be too thin or too arched. There are lots of wonderful products out there for those with thinning brows. And they work. They should follow the line of your brow bone, in a natural way. So put some color on those light or greying brows. Make those thinning brows appear a little thicker. Just don’t over do it!
  2. Don’t over do the bronzer. Your face should have a kiss of sun. Apply some on your nose, highlight your cheekbones, kiss your forehead and chin. The key is not to overdo the bronzer.
  3. Be careful with the lip liner. You shouldn’t see the line. It should blend with your lip color. You can use a slightly darker or lighter shade. Lighter minimizes, darker makes your lips look fuller. Just be sure that you blend it. I color my lips with liner, then apply my lipstick.
  4. Use a primer with powder foundation. It gives more coverage and it stays on better. Mineral foundation gives is great at minimizing wrinkles, whereas liquid can emphasize if put on too thick.
  5. Choose a foundation that matches your neck. This will look more natural.
  6. Use a foundation brush to apply foundation. Dot the foundation on with your finger and blend with a brush.
  7. Make sure your lips are moisturized before putting your lips on. Dry lips are emphasized when lipstick is applied.
  8. Choose an eye shadow technique that matches your eye shape. For thinner eyes, apply the dark color at the edges of your eyes. Not in the fold or close to your lashes. Larger eyes can get away with this, thinner ones cannot.
  9. Choose an eye shadow shade that emphasizes your eye color. Browns bring out blue eyes, where cool colors compliment brown eyes. Blue is the opposite of brown and red/pink is the opposite of green. Generally, colors opposite on the color wheel of your eye color will bring your color out.
  10. Choose a foundation formula designed for your skin type. Use oil free on oily skin and oils on dry skin. Lastly, foundations and lotions with sunscreen will protect your skin on the face. Sun damage will give you dark spots as you age. I PROMISE!

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